Onitsuka Tiger “Craft of Movement” Global Campaign

Onitsuka Tiger “Craft of Movement” Global Campaign



NAM directed the 2013 spring / summer global campaign for Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese sports brand popular internationally. The campaign theme was “Craft of Movement.”


For this project we worked with the agency Blast Radius Amsterdam, a global digital agency. With a large swath of global viewers in mind, we created a 17-meter-long set, our largest to date in terms of scale. This made for a very challenging visual presentation.


Cherry blossom season in Japan is a cause for celebration and lifting of spirits after winter’s end. The three scenes in this campaign are connected like a Japanese hanging scroll and run on a loop. They tell the story of dancing cherry blossom petals, and “the first wind of spring” is a hidden motif throughout the work.


Every prop in this piece was suspended with fishing line, a meticulous process that was fitting with the “Craft of Movement” theme. The production of this spectacular set, in which time seemed to stand still, took place over five days at a 24-hour video studio capable of building sets on a grand scale.


This video presents the visual world in a more three-dimensional way, creating a “realistic fantasy” that is explicitly not fake.



世界的にブランド展開をしている日本のスポーツブランドOnitsuka Tigerの2013年春夏グローバルキャンペーンを担当いたしました。キャンペーンテーマは「Craft of Movement」。


今制作における広告代理店はグローバルキャンペーンを多く手掛けるBlast Radius-Amsterdam。グローバル展開を念頭に置き、規模的にも私達としては最大の全長17メートルのセットを実際に制作し、非常にチャレンジングなビジュアルになっています。




全てのプロップスひとつひとつをテグスを使用して実際に浮遊させており、キャンペーンテーマである「Craft of Movement」にマッチした、緻密な手作業による制作をしています。この時間が制止したような壮大なセット制作は5日間にわたり、巨大なセットを作れる映像用スタジオを24時間使用して行われました。





visual artwork, installation by NAM
art direction, Installation direction: Takayuki Nakazawa
photograph: Hiroshi Manaka
stylingt: Atsushi Kimura
photo retouch: Yoshiaki Sakurai


agency: Blast Radius
creative direction: Andrew Watson (Blast Radius)
H/M: Hiromi Chinone
production design: Shuhei Nakazawa
model: Annie (AMAZONE), Takeshi Mikawai (donna), Shingo Yasuda (B-Tokyo), Alexandre P (FreeWave)


art direction: Takayuki Nakazawa (NAM)
movie direction: Takumi Shiga (caviar)
produce: Satoru Nakamura (GunsRock)
production management: Hidenori Tsumoto (GunsRock)
camera: Masaya Nakahara
lighting: Tetsu Moritera


client: Onitsuka Tiger

Behind the Scene