Calorie Mate LIQUID

Calorie Mate LIQUID



NAM created newspaper ad and website visuals for Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s “Calorie Mate LIQUID,” a drinkable balanced nutrition food. The ads are based on interviews with real families about their morning routines. We aspired to realistically recreate the busy mornings that Japanese families often experience, down to the finest minutia.



Mornings in Japanese households are usually hectic. How can we visually express these frenetic morning scenes realistically?


Tissues pulled out haphazardly by the family baby dance around the room, propelled by the wind blowing in from the window. Dishes spill out of an open kitchen cupboard. A container of fish food hangs on the precipice, ready to explode everywhere. The family’s son knocks over a cup of milk while running amok in the morning. The mother dries her child’s gym clothes with a hair dryer in one hand, and with the other she catches a slice of toast on a plate after it erupts out of the toaster.


Every object in this hectic but happy family scene was suspended using fishing line and photographed floating in mid-air. The fantastical scene of this frenetic morning moment is not a composite, but it actually once existed in reality.

I heard one person who saw the piece say, “This is pretty much what our morning looked like today.” Perhaps our real world is only an amalgamation of such fantastic surprises, too.



Takayuki Nakazawa, Art Director, NAM


Excerpted from “Calorie Mate LIQUID” special website




大塚製薬の飲むバランス栄養食「カロリーメイト リキッド」の新聞広告およびwebサイトのためのビジュアルを制作しました。この広告は、実際のご家庭の朝をヒアリングしたものをもとに、慌ただしい日本の家庭の朝を細部までリアルに再現しています。












中沢貴之(NAM アートディレクター)


——「カロリーメイト リキッド」特別WEBサイトより抜粋




visual artwork, installation by NAM
art direction, Installation direction: Takayuki Nakazawa
photograph: Hiroshi Manaka
photo retouch: Yoshiaki Sakurai


advertising agency: DENTSU INC.
creative direction: Makiko Ido (DENTSU INC.)
art direction: Taichi Tamaki (DENTSU INC.)
copywriting: Yuto Ogawa (DENTSU INC.)
planning: Kentaro Mito, Chihaya Takarada (DENTSU INC.)
produce: Aiko Kurikawa (DENTSU CREATIVE FORCE INC. )
account executive: Hideki Fukuchi, Tetsuya Shimizu, Rei Narita (DENTSU INC.)


production (graphic): JXL
produce (graphic): Tomoyoshi Arima (JXL)
production management (graphic): Yuu Ichikawa (JXL)


design: Ryota Sugawara, Miki Taguchi, Sachiko Sentori (sora)
lighting directio: Yuki Maeshima
production design: Yuichi Ishida (R.mond)
special props (Milk): Suzuki Studio
styling: Noriko Sugimoto (WHITNEY)
H/M: Naoyuki Ogimoto (POIL)
casting: Tatsuya Nakano (e-Spirit)


model: Mayu Kitaki, Kenji Inoue, Yukino Imahama, Hajime Igarashi


client: Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Behind the Scene