常に挑戦的な造本のデザイン書籍を出版している、香港の出版社 VICTION:ARY (ヴィクショナリー)の新刊書籍『Colour Mania』において作品紹介されました。今回も面白い試みがなされており、なんとカバーが10パターンあって選べる仕様になっているそうです! VICTION:ARY が出版する書籍は世界流通されており、日本の洋書店はじめamazonでも入手可能です。

VICTION:ARY: Colour Mania

Briefing from press release: Where the world dances in a veritable kaleidoscope of colours, everything becomes one of its kinds in their unique colours even if they are flat and mute. Just when the general gravitate towards colours for its timeless glamour, some fathom the beauty of simple palettes and are kindled to formulate the little pixels that compose the big pictures that shape the characters in our everyday life.

Taking a glance at a rambling collection of works, extensively covering campaigns, illustrations, branding, packaging, products and more, Colour Mania manifests how unicolour designs draw on the essence of nine colours and a rainbow tone, and project powerful impacts in an era ablaze with all sorts of hues. A cluster of designers from all around the globe would articulate how colours connect to them in every sense alongside their designs showcased in ten colour categories and the composition of every one of them.


320 pages / Full colour throughout
190 x 265mm / Soft cover with dust jacket (10 different colour jackets)
Released: September 2009 / ISBN 978-988-17328-1-1

English edition / Price: US$44.00

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