休館となっていました、『A FANTASY IN LIFE』展ですが3月19日(土)よりPUBLIC/IMAGE.3Dにて再開されます。








reopening the exhibition and postponing the closing day

Our exhibition "A FANTASY IN LIFE" will restart from Saturday, 19th March at PUBLIC/IMAGE.3D.

Please note that the gallery opening hour will be 12:00-17:00.

Also, the closing of the exhibition will be postponed until Sunday, 27th March.

The Gallery will open on Monday, 21st March, as well.

At midnight of the day the first earthquake attacked, we talked about what we should do with our show. We came to a conclusion that we should keep our creative activity going on so we gathered at the gallery which became a place for those who couldn't go back home that night and worked on our installation. We carefully omit the elements that remind us of 'destruction' and added more elements of 'reconstruction' and 'fantasy'. We continued doing this until 18th.

Because of the atmosphere of our exhibition which synchronizes so much with the disaster, we thought of discontinuing the show altogether. But we agreed that there must be a meaning to the show, confronting so much to the tremendously critical circumstance that our society is facing, we decided to continue. The concept of our new image was to express the difficulties in life and overcoming those and this is something what we strongly hoped that many people could see.

We cannot be optimistic about what'll come next but the gallery opens from Saturday, 19th with shorter opening hour. We appreciate that PUBLIC/IMAGE3D kindly let us keep showing our work.

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